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The dynamic duo, who charm audiences on ‘Live with Kelly and Mark’, reminisce about their initial smooch during an ‘All My Children’ scene back in 1996.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, a powerhouse couple boasting 27 vibrant years of marriage, find themselves in a playful disagreement that might never find a resolution!

Chatting with Entertainment Tonight, the celebrated hosts of Live with Kelly and Mark gave fans a peek into their conflicting memories of their very first kiss.

Rewinding to 1996, the lovebirds first exchanged a kiss on the sets of All My Children, immersing themselves in their characters, Hayley Vaughan and Mateo Santos.

But here’s where the stories diverge. A somewhat bemused Consuelos, now 52, remarked he was “totally caught off guard” as Ripa “went for the full experience” during the kiss. Ripa, also 52, couldn’t hold back her laughter as she swiftly debunked his rendition, proclaiming, “Absolutely not! That’s a tall tale!”

Flashing a teasing grin, Consuelos playfully added, “Oh come on, it was the wild ’90s, things were a bit unrestrained back then, a grand gesture was necessary!”

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Undeterred, the sparkling TV host held her ground, affirming her steadfast rule to her endearing spouse, “I maintain a strict no-French-kissing policy on set, always have.”

This delightful couple crossed paths on the All My Children set when Consuelos stepped into the soap opera spotlight in 1995. Sparks flew instantly, leading to their whirlwind romance and a beautiful wedding in May 1996. Their on-screen counterparts followed suit, sharing matrimonial vows in a 2000 episode.

Fast forward to today, the couple is the proud parent of three wonderful children: their sons, Joaquin and Michael, and their daughter, Lola.

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Earlier this year, Consuelos took a permanent seat beside his wife as the co-host of Live, stepping into Ryan Seacrest’s shoes after his exit. Despite sharing the screen daily, Consuelos revealed to ET that their schedules don’t overlap as much as people assume.

“People might envision us joined at the hip all day, but that’s far from the truth,” he mused. “Our mornings overlap, but post that, our paths diverge, reconvening only at dinner. Honestly, there’s no such thing as too much time together.”

In a heartfelt conversation, Ripa described her hosting gig with her husband as a realized dream, cherishing their precious time together.

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She effused, “His presence is comforting. Mark is a reservoir of wisdom, humor, and stability, always keeping a cool head, which is incredibly reassuring.”

Echoing her sentiments, Consuelos added, “Each time I stepped in as a guest host, the experience was exhilarating. Working alongside Kelly feels like a privilege, a chance many wish for. Her charm and grace are unparalleled, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share the stage with.”