Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images For Beautycon

Kelly Rowland isn’t just a powerhouse in the music industry but also a beauty enthusiast with a keen eye for products that accentuate her radiance. At the recent Beautycon event in Los Angeles, where she was the keynote speaker, Rowland shared some exclusive insights about her premium beauty regimen, including a nightly ritual involving an LED light.

The 42-year-old sensation, while discussing her substantial investments in beauty products, revealed her penchant for an exclusive LED light by Shani Darden. “There’s this light by Shani Darden, the LED light, and it’s not cheap. But I literally sleep under it every night,” she disclosed.

Rowland elaborated on her nightly ritual, stating, “It’s like a 20 to 30-minute time limit. When I’m under there, it [has] red lights, blue lights and other colors of light.” The “Motivation” singer didn’t hold back on her enthusiasm for the LED light, praising its features such as germ-killing abilities and anti-aging properties which she found to be “amazing.”

Kelly Rowland Says Her Biggest Beauty
Photo: Arnold Turner/Getty Images For Beautycon

At Beautycon, Rowland turned heads with her classy and stylish appearance. She adorned herself in a blue-gray pantsuit complemented by an oversized blazer jacket, setting a fashionable tone for the event. The fashion icon sported a fringe hairstyle with loose curls, adding a touch of elegance to her look.

The conversation also ventured into Rowland’s favorite budget-friendly beauty products. She expressed her admiration for Winnie Harlow’s Cay Skin brand, highlighting its effectiveness and moisturizing properties. The diva didn’t shy away from confessing her love for the gloss from Cay Skin, applauding the brand for their “lovely products” and congratulating Harlow on a “great job.”

Kelly Rowland
Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images For Beautycon

Rowland, renowned for her ever-changing and fabulous fashion choices over the years, emphasized her unique approach to fashion. The singer confessed that she doesn’t adhere to trends, preferring instead to forge her own path in the fashion world. “I just like to have fun with fashion,” she explained, adding, “I don’t like to follow anybody. I’d like to do what I feel.”

Revisiting her journey with Destiny’s Child, Rowland reminisced about one of her favorite outfits from the group’s stint at the 2000 Video Music Awards. She recalled the awe-inspiring ensemble featuring black corsets adorned with stones. Despite the discomfort of the tight-fitting corsets, Rowland acknowledged that the outfit was truly “dope”, leaving an indelible mark in her memory.

With a career that seamlessly blends music, fashion, and beauty, Kelly Rowland continues to inspire with her unique sense of style and devotion to self-care. Her revelations at Beautycon serve as a testament to her innovative approach to beauty, showing that when it comes to taking care of herself, she spares no expense.