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An event to mark the inauguration of Sofia Coppola’s inaugural book

Voila! Lily Allen is flaunting her dazzling new haircut!

The acclaimed British songstress made heads turn with her spectacular transformation — characterized by vibrant bangs and a golden-copper shade — during an illustrious event this Thursday, marking the launch of Sofia Coppola’s maiden book.

Being in sync with the French fashion giant Chanel, who partnered for the event, Allen (38) graced the occasion donned in a sleek black patent jacket teamed with coordinating silk shorts, a stunning creation by the designer.

The starry night saw her in the company of her spouse of three years, David Harbour, who looked dapper in a dark ensemble paired with a classy gray button-up shirt.

To let her fans in on the behind-the-scenes fun at the glitzy gathering, the “Smile” hitmaker took to her Instagram story, sharing glimpses of the grandeur, including a snapshot of a posh dining setup and the menu for the evening. And not to forget, the Chanel-themed bingo game that unfolded as the night progressed. “Luck wasn’t on my side tonight,” was what Allen humorously captioned the image where she lost the game.

Lily Allen Rocks a Gorgeous Copper Bob During a Starlit Evening with David Harbour in NYC
Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

The big reveal of the hairstyle was made even before the main event through a series of posts on her Instagram story this Thursday. The “Not Fair” artist made sure to credit the magical hands behind her fresh look — with hair stylist Ward crafting her hair and makeup maestro Amrita Mehta perfecting her iconic winged eyeliner.

Allen, a proud mother to daughters Ethel (11) and Marnie (10) from her previous marriage to Sam Cooper, has always been a chameleon when it comes to style. From embracing a blonde avatar in February to recently sporting a peach-tinted cropped look, her style evolution has been nothing short of fascinating.

Taking a nostalgic route earlier in September, Allen commemorated her wedding anniversary with Harbour (48), sharing a cherished snapshot from their tranquil Vegas nuptials. “Three blissful years with this amazing man. The second-best decision I’ve ever made… the first being that jaw-dropping dress,” she penned, reminiscing about their special day.

The cherished memory captured a joyful moment on a street in Vegas, with Allen, then showcasing dark, short bangs, looking radiant in a chic Dior mini dress and veil, accented with a vibrant bouquet.

The lovebirds exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony in Las Vegas, where an Elvis Presley impersonator played the officiant, followed by a feast of In-N-Out burgers — a perfect blend of romance and fun!

Back in July 2021, Harbour gushed about finding his soulmate in Allen. “The feeling of companionship and being able to share every facet of life with someone who understands you so profoundly… it’s truly a blessing,” shared the Stranger Things icon.

Sharing more on their blissful union, Harbour added, “Navigating life hand in hand with her has filled me with such a deep sense of gratitude, something I hadn’t experienced for much of my life.”

He didn’t shy away from showering praises on his loving wife in the past too, expressing, “Marrying her has been a dream. Her innate kindness and nurturing nature is something that has captivated my heart. It feels wonderful to be cherished and cared for by such a wonderful person.”

“Her kindness is what defines her, and it’s one of the many things I love about her,” the actor affirmed, with a hint of affection in his words.