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Turns out, celebrities can be as klutzy as the rest of us!

Earlier this week, fans were left bewildered when Selena Gomez sported a cast on her hand. With the recent drop of her track, “Single Soon,” Gomez briefly uploaded (and then swiftly removed) an Instagram snapshot hinting at her Hulu series, Only Murders in the Building. This snapshot also inadvertently showcased her fractured hand, as reported by AV Club. The pop star initially remained mum on the cause of her injury. But in a recent chat, she unveiled the simple, relatable story behind it.

Recounting the incident on the Ellen K Morning Show, Selena said, “Honestly, I wish I could share a thrilling tale about rescuing someone, or maybe doing some action-packed stunts.” Chuckling, she added, “Truth is, I was wearing this beautiful summer dress, and while walking from my car to my home, I tripped over it.”

While she made light of sporting a cast, likening it to an unexpected fashion statement, she did admit, “This isn’t the most enjoyable experience.”

Selena Gomezs
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The severity of the injury came to light when she revealed its aftermath over the weekend. Responding to a fanpage that was celebrating her new song’s placement on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, she remarked, “Had to undergo surgery after breaking my hand. Regardless of sales or chart positions, the joy for me lies in creating music with my dear friends.”