It’s very unlikely that someone enters the music industry and engraves their name among the successful hip-hop artists in such a little time. Well, we introduce you to Swazythebag who astonished many people with his outstanding music tracks and dashing personality.

How the name Swazythebag Came into Existence?

Interestingly the name – Swazythebag holds a story behind it. Talking in one of his interviews, the artist told that one of his favorite basketball players named Nick Young had a nickname called Swaggy P and his name also had a starting letter “P.” He knew that he is swaggy so he took the Gs out that of the player’s name and added zs to it that made it “Swazy.” To make it more interesting, his friend C DILLA suggested he write “the bag” after the newly invented nickname which referred to his love for money. This is how soon he was known by his nickname Swazythebag.

Swazythebag Composed Poetry from Early Age

Originally Swazythebag is from Chicago. When he was seven months old, his parents moved to IOWA – the United States. There they lived for a couple of years when they finally moved to Chicago, IL. He was inclined towards writing poetry from the very beginning of his music journey. So when it came to writing rhymes for music, it was all just natural and no faking at all.

Inspirations of Swazythebag

Like every other artist, Swazythebag also encountered some renowned personalities who inspired him to follow his dreams by staying steadfast, consistent, and hardworking. He gives big credit for his success to two of his inspiring personalities named Kanye West or Lil Baby and his friend who once said to him that every human being has got 24 hours in a day and it’s up to him how he utilizes every minute of his time. This is when he realized that he should also seek his dreams by following the path of success stories without stumbling on the hindrances coming in his way.

Reasons for his Creativity

Well, Swazythebag has got some secret reasons for his creativity and unique work. According to him, he has always had a long to-do list before creating any song. Although his method for composing a song might be assumed orthodox by some, he always follows what makes him compose a unique song. For that, first, he listens to a beat and tries to catch the pattern, does freestyle, and then writes it down on his phone if he feels like it should be incorporated in one of his song’s verses.

Famous Songs of Swazythebag

Almost all of his songs are famously hit. However, some of his mostly sung songs include Grinding every day,” “Pop My Shit,” “Moneybag,” “Moving Different,” Element,” “No Stressing,” etc.

Swazythebag Faces Criticism with a Cool Mind

Swazythebag is always cool in facing criticism. Once when he was asked how he faces criticism of the people, he said that it’s never easy to make everyone happy especially if you are in a subjective field such as music. There is always someone who will not be pleased by your work, so the only thing that matters is you being just true to yourself. Also, it’s important to look for the person who is criticizing you at the moment i.e. if he knows about what he is criticizing you and what is his motives behind criticizing you.

Message from Swazythebag

Swazythebag always motivates his followers by saying that they should only listen to their heart and never listen to people trying to knock them down and disappear in times of need.