Tammy Slaton, the beloved reality star of 1000-Lb. Sisters is embracing her true self without any filters. Following her remarkable weight loss journey, the 36-year-old recently took to Instagram to proudly share her first-ever “unfiltered” photo, showcasing her stunning transformation while bidding farewell to the oxygen tube.

In a captivating carousel of images, Slaton graced the screen wearing a white floral top, complemented by a fashionable jeans jacket, her iconic glasses, and an elegant silver necklace. The collection of self-portraits exhibited her newfound confidence from various angles, revealing the natural contours and gentle flush of her face—distinct features that stood in stark contrast to the smoothing filters she had previously relied on to even out her skin tone.

“Behold, six beautiful photos of myself without filters,” she captioned the empowering images.

Dr. Eric Smith, the skilled surgeon who guided Slaton through her weight loss journey, expressed his pride with a heartfelt comment, saying, “So proud of you❤️.” Sarah Fraser, a notable TV personality and podcaster, chimed in, “Beautiful! Congrats on your health journey, you look amazing and you’re a star.”

Slaton’s arduous path to wellness has been documented on the immensely popular TLC reality show, 1000-Lb. Sisters. The latest season unveiled an intimate glimpse into her transformation as she embarked on a weight loss rehabilitation program in Ohio.

During one of the episodes, Slaton achieved a monumental milestone by surpassing her weight loss goal. In order to qualify for weight loss surgery, she needed to shed pounds from her starting weight of 717 lbs. to reach the target of 550 lbs. To her exhilaration, she triumphed by reaching an astonishing 534 lbs.

“When I got on the scale and I saw the number 534.7, I couldn’t believe it,” she recounted during the episode aired on February 7. “I’m 14 lbs. under my goal weight. That’s an enormous drop from over 700 pounds.”

Following the life-changing surgery, Slaton was spotted independently exploring the aisles of Indiana’s stores, showcasing her newfound mobility without the assistance of a wheelchair or walker. Fans flooded the comments section with overwhelming support.

“Seeing Tammy stand on her own is incredibly heartwarming,” wrote one person. “Proud of the progress you’ve made ❤️.”

Another admirer added, “Way to go, Tammy! No need for oxygen and walking on your own!!”

Tammy Slaton’s triumphant journey towards self-love and a healthier life continues to inspire and captivate audiences. Her unfiltered photos serve as a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and the beauty that lies within embracing oneself authentically.