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Actress Ayo Edebiri narrates a waxing allergy that almost spoiled her eyebrow look for the prom night.

A moment from high school that Ayo Edebiri would rather not remember has recently come to light, detailing a beauty fiasco that marred her prom night. During an entertaining segment on ELLE’s YouTube series Thirst Trap, Edebiri, accompanied by her close associate Rachel Sennott, opened up about the night that still makes her cringe.

As part of the show’s spirited drinking game, Edebiri disclosed the events of the unfortunate evening, stating, “We are presented with 11 questions and 11 shots; we can choose to respond to a question or take a shot instead.” Reading aloud from a cue card that questioned her most awkward high school memory, the 27-year-old hesitated before conceding, “It’s all utterly heartbreaking,” reflecting solemnly on the past event.

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“An utterly regrettable experience,” chimed in Rachel Sennott, also 27 and known for her role in Bodies Bodies Bodies, affirming Edebiri’s sentiment before she proceeded with her narrative.

Reminiscing about her Boston high school days, Edebiri recounted her first eyebrow waxing experience right before prom, admitting that her eyebrows were not meant to be waxed. “During the entire procedure, the beautician continuously criticized my eyebrows, declaring them to be the most terrible she had ever encountered. It was incredibly humiliating,” Edebiri remembered.

The actress went on to describe how the wax induced an allergic reaction, causing a noticeable swelling on her face, which ruined her prom photos. “The photographs depict my face’s upper part grossly swollen, exacerbated by the day’s extreme humidity, causing my hair to frizz uncontrollably,” she described.

To add to the woes, the dress she chose for the event, picked from the clearance rack at Lord & Taylor, did not meet her expectations, leaving her further dismayed in retrospect. “The photos are quite a disaster,” she lamented.

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Amidst laughter, Sennott added a humorous note by pretending to find a photograph of the incident on her phone, bringing some levity to the situation.

Following the rules of the game, Edebiri hesitated but eventually took a shot of peppermint liquor, eliciting supportive comments from Sennott, who affirmed that she had indeed earned the right to bypass the drink.

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