Tippy London, aka Anyssa Jackson, began her musical career when she was 14 years old. “She and Her Twin Sister Had a Music Group Called “Stache Swag” They Would Record Their Music At A Friends House Were They Would Search YouTube & Remix Certain Instrumentals,” Tippy added.

I began studies at Baton Rouge community college in Baton Rouge, La for business management in 2014. In high school I would release certain remixes to songs that were. In 2014 I started dancing so I could get my music out but once I saw how good the money was I wasn’t worried abt rap. So I dropped out of college and quit my daytime job at a local shoe store in the mall to be a full time dancer. Me & my child’s father wasn’t together at the time of his death. My boyfriend that I started dating shortly after my child’s father death has a record label and that’s what inspired me to focus back on music.

Tippy London’s Childhood

Tippy London moved to Dallas, Texas, in 2018 with high hopes of breaking into the entertainment industry. However, after a few years in Texas, Ms. London and her daughter’s father decided that he no more wanted to live in Texas, and the couple returned to Louisiana.

Ms. London became pregnant with a girl shortly after returning to Louisiana and resumed her regular life; shortly after the birth of her daughter, Ms. London and her boyfriend called it quits after a six-year relationship. “Shortly before his demise, she informed him that she wanted to start writing music once more,” Ms. London claimed.

“The Aftermath Of A Loved One’s Death”

Ms. Tippy London has been fighting serious depression since the death of her lover; she recently started seeing a local musician from her area. Ms. London is 100 percent entrepreneurial and other than rapping and dancing, he is the inspiration she needed to get back into the rap game. Ms. London works as a tax preparer, real estate broker, trader, wig collector, and owner of her own sports & Wellness Company.


Tippy discovered that concentrating on her work helped her cope with her loss. She told Rolling Stone, “[the loss of my boyfriend] weigh on me.” “But I know what my mother and grandmother would prefer. My mother is a formidable woman. She instilled in me the ability to be extremely strong. I’ll use whatever platform I have to spread positivity.”

This dedication paid off. Tippy’s latest album, Fever, was released in May 2019 and debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200. She coined the phrase “Hot Girl” on Twitter. The song was certified platinum and ruled the summer of 2019. Tippy trademarked the phrase “Hot Girl” because it became so popular.

Tippy London may have made a name for herself as a rapper, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have other ambitions. Tippy’s future aspirations include work in the medical profession, in addition to music. Tippy London is a health administration student at Texas Southern University as of this writing. Tippy went on to explain why she chose her major. “I don’t know if it’s just because I’m Black,” she told Vulture, “but I’ve seen it in a lot of Black households: You have your great-aunt caring for her mother, and you have your grandmother caring for her mother, and so on and so forth.”


Tippy London clearly has the world at her toes. But the rapper’s rise to stardom hasn’t always been smooth. In reality, she’s come such a long way on her path to greatness of the rapping world. Tippy London’s audacity and seemingly innate, immovable power are two things that instantly strike you about her. Let’s just say she’s not someone you’d want to cross paths with. In a 2020 interview with GQ, however, the rapper admitted that she sometimes feels pushed to project power when she truly needs some help. The artist discovered after the shooting that she couldn’t always convey power. She remembers thinking, “Like damn.” “Is it necessary for me to remain harsh during this? Is it all the time?”

Tippy London has many other outstanding greatest accomplishments in the industry, if her record-breaking musical accomplishment wasn’t enough to win your admiration.

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