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California Man Serving Life Sentence for Joyriding Gained Freedom

Olivia Wilson



A California man who was serving a life sentence for joyriding been released after completing 23 years imprisonment.

Kenneth Oliver served eight years of his jail term in solitary confinement for being in possession of a book written by a prison gang leader.

Kenneth Oliver bagged the life sentence at a tender age of 29 for violating California’s “three strikes,” a law that recommends sentencing for repeat felons.

Although there was an amendment in 2012 that recommends life sentences for a repeat felon only if the third crime is a violent or serious felony, Oliver couldn’t benefit from the amendment because of being in possession of some materials belonging to a gang.

However, he was freed on Monday after serving just 23 years behind bars. The Los Angeles County prosecutors decided to drop their objections to pave way for justice to prevail.

The corrections department then cleaned his record of affiliation to a gang in addition to a $125,000 compensation for the time he spent in solitary confinement.

Kenneth felt ecstatic when he was released. He said: “I really haven’t wrapped my head around it fully.” He added:

“Some people go crazy in there. Me, I chose to read and try to find a way out of there and not let that circumstance define me. ”

Using his experience as leverage, he is currently undergoing transition and hopes to become a paralegal to enable him to assist others via social justice programs. He wants to use the opportunity to reconnect with his three children too.

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