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Walmart introduces a new scheme for recruitment of high-school students

Olivia Wilson



Facing issues in receiving talent to recruit to work for Walmart, they announce an interesting pitch that may just find them the solution to their problems! This is significantly beneficial to interest high schoolers.

The company is attempting to help with free SAT and ACT prep to their high-school employees and also meeting their college tuition fee by paying off $1 per day of labor.

In addition, this proposal covers the stipulation of seven hours of college credit free. The SAT and ACT prep would be provided with help from a partner network.

The tuition fee, expense of books would be covered for all of six colleges, University of Florida included!

There will be several bachelors and associate degrees included in this including computer technology, supply chain management, and business management.

A decreased rate in employment has been observed in the United States of America since the past few years. This poses a large threat to Walmart.

Apart from employing this scheme limited to high-schoolers, they have also made a few improvements for other potential employees.

This includes an increased pay and an abundance in other benefits. In addition, the workers who take less amount of leaves are rewarded with bonuses.

This is an efficient way to recruit high-schoolers. The Retailer is the largest employer in the country with about 1.5 million workers. Of these, only 25,000 go to high-school.

Walmart believes that this is a quite displeasing figure. This is an effort to bring in improvement to the same.

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