27-year-old Arizona native DRTYLAUNDRY has been steaming up for some years now; The release of his debut EP ‘So Far This Sucks’ was back in 2016.

Whilst reaching over 1.5 million plays on that EP via SoundCloud, DRTY continued to drop single after single; He has released over 4 more EPs throughout the years with over 90+ singles on all platforms.

DRTYLAUNDRY explained that the music he was making at that time was very unclear and impulsive.

He says “I had to get all that out my system, I spent years trying to understand what I truly wanted to make”. With his latest releases “feeling better, demos” and ‘SFTS2″ DRTY says “this is a taste of the music I love, the recording process of my latest releases has been the most professional my recordings ever been”.

He says ‘I am excited for what is to come with the new music I am making, it’s truthful, it’s heartfelt, and its nothing like I’ve ever released before”. “I’m ready to show the world DRTYLAUNDRY”.

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