Photo: John Russo

Meagan Good, looking radiant, as she holds a bottle of St. Royale Vodka.

Embracing new ventures, Meagan Good, acclaimed actress of “Shazam! Fury of the Gods”, is taking a spirited leap into the world of vodka.

At 42, the multi-talented Good, known for her acting, directing, producing, and philanthropy, is joining hands with the reputable GreenLine Spirits from South Carolina. Together, they are unveiling her signature line of flavors and recipes for their distinguished St. Royale Vodka brand.

Quote: “I am beyond thrilled to join such an established and recognized brand,” shares Good. “It’s by far the best Vodka I’ve ever tasted, and I can’t wait to share my unique recipes with everyone to enjoy.”

Meagan Good Expands Horizons with Signature
Photo: John Russo

Spotlighting Good’s collaboration, the fresh Green Tea Lychee flavor was co-created by her. This new entrant aligns seamlessly with the company’s esteemed lineup, which boasts the Premium Vodka, GreenTea, and Green Tea Peach variants.

More than just crafting flavors, the actress is gearing up for an expansive cross-country bottle-signing tour slated for 2024. For vodka enthusiasts, St. Royale stands out with its meticulous six-time distillation process, corn base, gluten-free composition, and a sweet touch of honey, all tagged at a competitive price of $23.

Meagan Good Expands Horizons
Photo: John Russo

The St. Royale brand, with its signature flavors, has a notable presence in stores such as Costco, Total Wine, Winn Dixie, and Green’s Beverages, spanning states like Florida, Georgia, Illinois, South Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, and California. For those preferring online shopping, it’s also available for nationwide delivery.

Post her divorce from DeVon Franklin in 2022, Good has been voicing optimism about her future journey. Sharing her sentiments with Essence magazine earlier this year, she elaborated on her anticipation for fresh starts and new projects beyond the realms of acting.

Quote: “I get to start life all over again, in my prime, with so many incredible things happening in my life and in my career,” Good reflected.

Echoing a similar positive sentiment, Good, in a conversation with us, emphasized the importance of gratitude, presence, and embracing the journey.

Navigating life’s ups and downs, Meagan Good embodies resilience, growth, and a zeal for experimentation. This collaboration with St. Royale Vodka is a testament to her ever-evolving journey, signifying exciting times ahead for both the brand and the actress herself.